Spring is the season for fresh starts and trying new things. From spring holiday celebrations to weeknight meals, it’s easy to keep things fresh with Aussie Lamb. And we'll show you how right here. From our interactive cooking experience, free recipe e-book, how-to videos, tips and more, you'll be set-up for success in the kitchen all season long!

Lamb-a-licious recipe book

Lamb-a-licious recipe book

Aussie lamb is just the thing to give new life to old favorites, or have a go with some global flavors you’ve been wanting to try. This recipe collection includes tips, tricks and inspiration to last you all season long. Whatever the occasion, we’ve got you covered mate!

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Looking for tips to cook lamb?

Looking for tips to cook lamb?

If you’re new to cooking with lamb, a few quick tips will have you ready to go in no time. Have a look at this Cooking with Lamb guide. For the more advanced, there’s pro tips in there too!


How to reheat lamb for delicious results
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Golden-crusted lamb Tips and Tricks
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If you’re like us, eating better this year means better for the planet, too.

There are lots of reasons why Aussie grassfed lamb ticks both boxes. Mind if we share a few?

Australia's approach to Sustainability
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