Menu Success with Australian beef & lamb

What we do…

At True Aussie, our goal is to help food professionals in America achieve success with Australian beef and lamb. It starts with educating chefs and the food community at large about Australia’s unique pasture-based production practices and how all those family farms contribute to our place in the dynamic global protein supply chain. We also get directly involved with culinary support, through product development and menu ideation. When Aussie meat hits the menu or the meat case, we are there with customized marketing support from resource support to full creative activations. All the while, our social media and consumer outreach help build a hunger for Aussie grassfed beef and lamb.

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Australian lamb

Australian lamb

Let Australian Lamb be your muse. We offer a variety of value-added primal cuts, trimmed and packed to meet your specifications. All cuts are available in user-friendly portions to save time and money. Customers will enjoy knowing our tender, delicious, naturally raised Australian Lamb is free of artificial additives. 

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Australian Beef

Australian Beef

Australian exporters are able to provide you with beef to meet the needs of your business—and ultimately, your customers. Australia is a leading producer of natural, wholesome beef, raised on pasture and crops, and is gaining international recognition for its tender, tasty, juicy beef products.

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Australian Goat

Australian Goat

The demand for goatmeat in the U.S. and Canada is increasing as traditional goatmeat consumers migrate, non-traditional consumers become more adventurous in their eating habits and goatmeat becomes more available. Many retail and foodservice establishments recognize that offering Australian Goatmeat options is a sure way to attract trend-setting diners.

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A variety of products for every need

As the popularity grassfed beef and lamb continues to grow throughout North America, Australian meat products stand out for their quality and flavor.

North American customers have made us an important part of their businesses for years. As tastes and the need for greater variety continue to evolve, Australian beef and lamb is poised to meet the demand with an extensive range of cuts and product lines, all raised and processed to some of the strictest standards on earth.

Australia's beef and lamb industry also caters to the needs of different cultures, and many Australian packers produce Halal products guaranteed to adhere to Islamic law. Whether you require restaurant-ready or retail cuts ideally suited to your operation, the Australian beef and lamb industry has the right product to help your business prosper.

An experienced exporter

Australia has been exporting meat for over a century and currently services customers in more than 120 counties worldwide. The focus of the Australian beef and lamb industries is firmly on exporting, which means our production and packaging systems have been built to the exacting standards for safety, quality and traceability of the United States as well as the EU, Middle East and Japan.

Product integrity and traceability

Australia has a long history of safe and successful beef, lamb and goatmeat exports over many years and is very proud of its food safety record. Our red meat production is supported by robust and highly regulated systems.

It begins on the ranch

Australia is a world leader in animal identification and traceability. Since 2005, nationwide legislation requires all livestock on farms to be linked to the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS).  This traceability system logs the movements of electronically-tagged individual cattle and flock-tagged sheep as they move through the supply chain to saleyard and processing plant.  Teamed with the checks and balances of the national vendor declaration Australia’s leadership in traceability procedures  ensures its biosecurity, food safety, product integrity and access in world markets.

From our shores to yours…

Our packing sector employs state-of-the-art technologies to ensure that Australian beef and lamb is delivered to market in the same high quality condition in which it left the packing facility.

Chilled beef and lamb are vacuum-packed to maintain freshness and quality and to ensure extended shelf life. Strict temperature control throughout the delivery process inhibits bacterial growth, supports the natural ageing process and gives Australian beef and lamb a naturally aged shelf life of up to 90 days for beef and 60 days for lamb, under optimal storage conditions.

All Australian export meat packing plants are regulated and inspected by the Australian Government and our systems are licensed and regularly audited by our counterparts in the United States, Canada and Mexico to ensure that Australia adheres to standards that are equivalent to or exceed those of US, Canadian and Mexican inspected meat plants.

An enviable animal health status

Australia's animal health status is one of the highest in the world according to the Organization Internationale Epizootie (OIE – the World Animal Health Organization). Australian livestock are free of many diseases that exist in other parts of the world, like Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathies (BSE or "Mad Cow Disease"), which affects cattle and all Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs) including Scrapie which affects sheep. Industry and government zealously guard Australia’s enviable status, and programs have been in place for decades to maintain our superior standing.

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