Chef Renee Scharoff Ras el Hanout and Garlic Roast Leg of Lamb with Fresh Herb and Pink Peppercorn Sauce

  • Prep time 15Min
  • Cook time 2Hr, 30Min
  • Technique
  • Meat Lamb
  • Cut Leg
  • Serves 4

by Renee Scharoff


Ingredients for the lamb:

1 6-7 lb. Australian leg of lamb
8 large garlic cloves, minced 
3 tbl. of Ras el hanout 
1 lemon, juiced 
1 1/2 tbl. Kosher sea salt 
3/4 c extra virgin olive oil 
Fresh Herb and Pink Peppercorn Sauce

Ingredients for the sauce:

1 bunch of fresh mint
1 bunch of fresh cilantro
1 bunch of fresh parsley Italian flat leaf 
1 bunch of fresh dill
1/4 to 1/2 cup of capers with a splash of caper juice 
1 lemon zest and juice 
1 - 1 1/2 cups of extra virgin olive oil 
Kosher sea salt and pepper to taste
2 tablespoons of pink peppercorns 



For the lamb: Bring leg of lamb to room temperature or let sit out for at least 1 1/2 hours before cooking. Preheat the oven to 425 F.

Combine all the ingredients except the lamb in a bowl and mix well, making a paste. Score the lamb about 1/4 inch deep on both sides. Rub or paint ras el hanout mixture all over the lamb on both sides making sure to get the mixture into the score marks. Place leg of lamb on roasting rack in the center of the oven. Roast lamb for about 20 minutes then turn oven down to 350 F and cook 12 -14 minutes per pound, including the bone.

Check the temperature with a instant read thermometer at the thickest part of the lamb leg not touching the bone.  When the temperature reaches 130 F remove from the oven and let the leg of lamb rest about 20 minutes. The final temperature will rise to about 140 F for med rare. 

For the sauce:

Rinse and dry herbs. Take 1/2 bunch of each of the herbs and rough chop to a fine - medium sized pieces. Put the fresh herbs into a bowl. Mix with capers, lemon zest, juice, olive oil and a splash of caper juice. Add Kosher sea salt and pepper to taste. Mix well to combine flavors check seasonings and adjust if needed. Lastly add the pink peppercorns and stir into herb mixture. 

To serve:

Carve lamb slices and serve with fresh herb and pink peppercorn sauce