Jun 20

Chef Adam’s top 6 tips for grilling with grassfed beef

Finally, it’s time to get back to pool and grilling season! Before you fire it up, bone up on these top tips for grilling grassfed beef from True Aussie Chef Adam Moore.

Grilling with grassfed

1. Bring your grassfed beef to room temperature before cooking.
This allows for a well-seared exterior and warmed interior without having to use excessive time to cook (and dry out your meat).

2. Grassfed meat requires less cooking time due to its high protein and low fat content. 30% less cooking time is a good rule of thumb.

3. Do not over-handle ground meat – use high searing temperatures and only flip your burgers once to reduce losing those flavorful juices.

4. Do not overcook your grassfed beef – aim for medium-rare* for best results.

 5. Remove the meat from the grill between 125F-130F. This will give you a medium rare to medium finished temperature (130-140F) once the meat rests.

6. Allow meat to rest before cutting – 5-10 minutes will allow the meat to
relax and absorb additional juices that you would lose by cutting the meat too soon.

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