May 09

We’ll take you there

The secret ingredient more than any other, that makes Aussie grassfed beef and lamb special, is right under our feet. It’s our land. Australia’s vast open spaces and climate are ideal for grazing animals. That means we can raise them on their natural diet – grass – from start to finish. In fact, over 70% of cattle and virtually all lamb are raised this way in Australia. Having so much room to roam with minimal, low stress handling, makes for a better quality of life for the animals, healthier and with less stress.

It’s hard to appreciate what this looks like until you’ve been there…and while we’d love to have you visit, the plane tickets from America would cost a fair bit to bring all of you! The next best thing might be these short videos on farm down under. Take a squizz:

 Bruce and Libby Creek, Hillcrest Pastoral, South Australia

 Ross Smith, Adelong, New South Wales

Troy and Liz Cruikshank, Condobolin, New South Wales


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