Oct 19

Trick or treat with the Aussies

It's candy takeover in the grocery aisles. Check out some favorite Aussie "lollies" and get your sweet tooth ready for Halloween. 





(A) Caramello Koala: A chocolate treat with a caramel center. 
(B) Cherry Ripe: Australia's oldest chocolate bar and one of the top chocolate brands sold in the country, Cherry Ripes are consist of fruit cherries and coconut coated in dark chocolate. 
(C) Crunchies: A honeycomb toffee bar covered in milk chocolate.  
(D) Bounty: Bounty was originally introduced in the United Kingdom in 1951. The candy bar includes a coconut filling covered in milk or dark chocolate. 
(E) Mint Patties: Chocolate treat with mint filling. 
(F) Fruit Tingles: A multi-colored, disc shape candy that comes in different fruit flavors.


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