May 08

The lamb you love, loves your littles too

If you’re reading this, chances are you love lamb, especially pasture-raised, no-added-hormones lamb from Australia. What you might not know is that lamb is a great first food for the little ones in your life, starting as young as 6 months old. That’s because the zinc and iron in grassfed meats like lamb is easily absorbed by the body, and is a critical nutrient for brain development and function in those early months and years. For both children and adults, combining iron-rich foods from other sources (like spinach, eggs, and legumes) with lamb or beef helps make the iron more bioavailable, too.

As an added bonus, you get to have your Aussie lamb your favorite way; just save a little on the side for the ankle-biters.

Here are a few kid-friendly Aussie beef and lamb recipes for the whole family to enjoy. For the littlest ones, though, be sure to puree or mash it up.

Down Under Mac and CheeseLamb Fettuccine AlfredoLamb Grilled Cheese

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