Mar 19

The best Easter egg is big and green

Easter holidays are always a popular time for lamb here in America, and while there’s something to be said about your grandma’s old family recipe, here at True Aussie we’re all about keeping things fresh and new, and making them #aussome! Is it time for a family lamb roast? Yes it is! But let’s try something a bit new…

We were super excited to see our mates, the lovely ladies at Girls Can Grill, come out with their latest recipe, an Aussie lamb roast done on the Big Green Egg with spice-rubbed lamb and rainbow carrots. It looks gorgeous, and makes great leftovers if your crowd can’t quite finish it all.


Lamb on BGE

Sliced lamb roast

If you haven’t (yet) gotten yourself an Egg, you can use a regular grill or oven, too, no worries. Just follow the temperature guide in the recipe and she’ll be apples. (That means you’ll be just fine in Aussie slang.)

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