May 30

Meet the Chef: Aaron Brooks

Meet the Chef: Aaron Brooks

Chef Aaron BrooksChef Aaron Brooks is the Executive Chef at
Four Seasons Miami and its EDGE Steak & Bar, and recently served as our “Lambassador” for Australian Lamb in Miami. Even as an expat and fellow Aussie, he learned a thing or two about lamb in working alongside other Miami chefs during Aussie Lamb Spring Fling this April. “I’ve traveled all over and used Aussie lamb for years, but never really knew what goes into it, the respect for the animals and how they’re raised and pastured.” Chef Aaron says. “We see it in the consistency and quality in what we get here, but it was inspiring to see and hear the story behind it.”

When asked what he likes most about Aussie lamb, Chef Aaron mentions the fact that it’s pasture-raised, with clean, natural flavor. “The flavor takes me back to home, and the quality of the lamb that’s exported to the US is amazing - they only send us the best.”  He notes that his guests have responded really well to the lamb he puts on the menu. “We see the reactions from folks every time we feature lamb.” says Aaron. “They love it, and wonder why they haven’t ordered it more often.”  The current menu at EDGE features “Fire Roasted Aussie Lamb Chops, Crisp [Lamb] Belly Glazed with Black Pepper Tupelo Honey, Five Grain Salad, Greek Yogurt” – to which we say, “Yes please!”

For home cooks, Chef Aaron recommends the grill to simply and quickly bring out the best flavor in lamb. He suggests using marinades and seasonings with earthy, strong flavors, which will pair well with the lamb and the smoky notes of the grill. His Korean BBQ lamb chops are a great example. “You can also keep it simple, like we often do in Australia.” notes Aaron. “Marinate Aussie lamb in a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and some rosemary or other herbs, and you’re good to go on the grill.”

Another of Chef Aaron’s favorite lamb dishes is his “Australian Lamb with Chipotle and Spices.” With the sophisticated equipment in the restaurant kitchen, he’ll cook it sous vide for 12 hours for super-soft, succulent texture and deeply intense flavor. You can achieve a similar effect at home with a simple braise on the stovetop or slow-cooker. “Even when you’re not grilling, smoky flavors like the chipotle and those aromatics like cumin, cloves, and allspice just bloom when they come together with lamb.” he says. “It’s irresistible.” 

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