Sep 20

How to win gameday with an #aussome tailgate

The more we learn about tailgating here in America, the more we think it could have been invented by an Aussie. The parking lot bit is a little odd to us, but we love our sport, and everything else is true blue Aussie all the way.

Think about this ingredient checklist:

- a barbie

- heaps of beer

- good mates

- and of course, True Aussie grassfed beef and lamb

What’s more Aussie than that?!

We chatted up a few of our mates who happen to specialize in tailgates and outdoor cooking, and got their top tips for an #Aussome tailgate.

What do you like to serve at a tailgate?

“Nothing says tailgate like a burger bar! It’s simple, endlessly variable, and can be as fancy or straightforward as you like. My perfect burger is a mix of Aussie grassfed short rib and brisket, ground at home or by the butcher. The grassfed, beefy flavor really comes through, and it’s the perfect ratio of fat to lean for burgers.” –David Olson, A Bachelor and His Grill 

“My BBQ buddy Chris Hart will use his Big Green Egg at our Patriots tailgates. He’ll throw a brisket on at night, using his guru to keep it going over night, and in the morning, he’ll bring it in a hot-hold bag to the game, and we all have fresh brisket sandwiches right there.” -Andy Husbands, The Pitmaster

“I like a tailgate with constant activity around the grill — always something ready to come off, and eat-as-you-go. Meat on a stick, yakitori-style is great for that. Cut strips of marinated lamb or beef 1” wide by 2” long on a fat skewer, and line them up on the edge. Turning regularly every 3-4 minutes, and you’ve got something ready, then folks can grab what they want.” –Michael Slavin, Houlihan's Culinary Director

What’s your secret weapon at the tailgate? 

“I always bring wood chips to add a little smoke. For me, the aromas are part of the appeal. It takes me back to grilling with my dad and grandpa. Use hardwoods like oak for beef, fruit woods like cherry or apple for lamb.”  –David Olson 
Check out David's latest grilling masterpiece to the right. 

“An Aussie grassfed tri-tip is a tailgater’s best friend; it cooks up fast and feeds a crowd. Marinate it overnight, give it a good sear on high heat, then move it to a slightly cooler spot. 25 minutes later, you can start slicing and handing it out for sandwiches or eating on the spot.” –Michael Slavin

What would you do with lamb at a tailgate?

“For me, Mediterranean flavor and lamb always works…feta + lamb = delicious! Even something as simple as a lamb burger. Pestos make a great condiment, because you get that herbaceous enhancement, and the olive oil and cheese give you fat and savoriness too. Aussie lamb is lean, so a little fat is helpful.” –David Olson

“Tailgate culture is part sharing, part friendly competition to show who has the best grill game. Nothing beats a rotisserie attachment! Throw a marinated leg of Aussie lamb on there, and you’ll have folks you’ve never met hanging around to taste it. If you don’t have a rotisserie, lamb chops always let folks know you’re going ‘next level’ on them.” –Michael Slavin

There you have it! All set for gameday. Though we might not make it past the parking lot, with these guys at the barbies!










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