Dec 19

How to make it #Aussome

ICYMI, our mates Chef Renee Scharoff and Ally from Ally’s kitchen were #Aussome on Facebook live with Fine Cooking earlier this month. It was like they had their own show on the Telly!

Renee threw together grilled True Aussie lamb chops with a green apple and mint chutney. These aren’t your grandma’s mint jelly lamb chops! Easy to make, gorgeous to look at, and so, so tasty.

One of our favorite tips was Renee showing how to #ownyourparty and get the wow factor going with an unexpected presentation — using an antique French baguette board as a serving dish for the lamb chops.

Renee on Facebook Live
Ally went the meatball route, dishing up True Aussie grassfed beef meatball kabobs with tropical fruit. With the North African spice harissa in the mixture for heat, there was a nice mix of sweet and spicy going on.

We loved Ally’s tip for using cut-up wrapping paper, decorated with holiday messages to dress up ordinary plates. Who needs an exy* set of special plates! Save your money for more lamb or grassfed beef, and maybe a bit more holiday champagne. Cheers Ally!
Ally on Facebook Live
Check out the recipes on our site and be sure to watch the Facebook Live event. You haven't missed a thing!

Most importantly, you haven’t missed your chance to enter the Make It Aussome contest! You can win a hosted party with Chef Renee herself doing the cooking in your home! Details here. (Watch the Facebook Live event to enter the secret phrase for a bonus entry!)

*exy means “expensive” in Aussie slang

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