Jun 20

Hoo roo! But really, we’ll see you ‘round like a rissole*…

“Hoo roo!” is an #aussome way to say goodbye (or g’day), especially if you’re feeling a bit theatrical. And this is in a way a farewell note from the Home Plate, but no worries mate! We’re not really going anywhere, just out of your inbox and (hopefully) into your Facebook and Instagram feed. We’ll still be doling out good onya’s and sharing great recipes, just more 2018-ish if you like.

 As a treat for our loyal readers, watch for special giveaways just for Home Plate subscribers in the month of July.

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 *Rissole (pron. rizz-oal) is a round, flat-ish patty of yummy meat and fillings fried up and served quite often in Australia

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