Dec 19

"Good Onya" recipe of the month

Smoked Christmas Crown Roast of Australian Lamb, from A Bachelor and His Grill

In Aussie speak, “Good Onya” (as in “good on you”) is how you say, “nice job!” Or  “well done!” We’ve been seeing some fantastic Aussie grassfed beef and lamb recipes on the web lately, and plan to highlight just one (!) every month or so in this space, as a place to give a Good Onya shout-out to a deserving blogger.

This month, the shine is on our mate David Olson, from the popular A Bachelor and His Grill blog, who went all-in with a smoked crown roast of lamb for Chrissy (aka Christmas, in Aussie shorthand). So not everyone will have the chops (ha!) to pull that off, but we can live vicariously! It’s a show-stopper for sure, dramatic and colorful on the carving board, with a gorgeous butternut squash and farro salad, accented with cranberries, kale, crumbled feta and toasted pecans. Wow! Good Onya Dave-o!

Here’s the recipe and a few choice shots from David’s blog:

Aussie Lamb Crown Roast

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