May 08

"Good Onya" Aussie flank steak with shishito peppers

"Good Onya" recipe of the month – Asian-marinated grassfed Aussie flank steak with
shishito peppers and shiitake mushrooms.

Mama O'Neill Aussie Flank Steak

In Aussie speak, “Good Onya” (as in “good on you”) is how you say “nice job!” or “well done!” We’ve been seeing some fantastic Aussie grassfed beef and lamb recipes on the web lately, and are highlighting just one (!) every month or so in this space, as a place to give a Good Onya shout-out to a deserving blogger or IG superstar.

This month, we’d like to give some love to a couple of lovely ladies who teamed up on some recipes with Aussie meats. They are Melissa Cookston and Lindsay “Mama” O’Neill. Turns out, Melissa is the most awarded woman in BBQ, and she did a number on a gorgeous piece of Aussie flank steak, giving it an Asian treatment with a soy-miso marinade. We loved her pairing on the side – shiitake mushrooms and shishito peppers (so much shhh! So tasty!) – that she sautéed right on the grill in a cast iron skillet. 

Check out the video here, and also see what these two did with a rack of lamb using a reverse-sear technique and cactus pear BBQ sauce on a smoker. Wow! Let it be known – a woman’s place is at the barbie! Good onya ladies!

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