Feb 19

Get ready to show off your (lamb) legs

You made it through Super Bowl indulgence, and now it’s time to look ahead to that summer slim-down for bathing suit season. But let’s not leave the flavor behind! Lucky for us, we have our mate Renee Scharoff on our side, to show us how to eat well and enjoy every mouthful.

Just look at this grilled Aussie lamb salad! A marinated and grilled (or oven-roasted, if your grill is still in winter storage) boneless lamb leg provides a clean, lean protein — and leaves leftovers for sandwiches later in the week.

Aussie Lamb Salad

Fresh arugula, baby potatoes, cucumbers and radishes supply a healthy veggie base. Layers of flavor from a lemon-balm pesto and lemon-thyme vinaigrette tie everything together. On the table or on the beach, you’ll be ready to show it off! Get the recipe here.

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