Apr 18

Featured Recipe: Spinach salad with za`atar pomegranate dressing

What’s the best kind of salad? The one with Aussie lamb on it, of course! OK, maybe that's not so surprising to hear us say, but take a look at this beauty and the Mediterranean flavors, and you’ll have to admit there’s something irresistible going on. Courtesy of a couple of our favorite chefs, Lori Fulmer from Peet’s Coffee (more with Lori here) and Justin Morrow from the Canyon Ranch Spas & Resorts, this recipe is a great stage for Aussie lamb. It doubles down on always-sexy pomegranate, with pomegranate molasses and pomegranate arils (word of the day…it’s what the edible pomegranate seeds are called), and features a lesser-known but fantastic spice blend from the Middle East called za’atar. Aussie lamb is a great mate of za’atar. The sesame seeds, marjoram and sumac bring out the natural sweetness of lamb, and complement it with lovely herb and earthy flavors. In this dish, the chefs used za’atar in the dressing, an unconventional but fantastic idea.

Check out the full recipe here. 

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