Jun 21

Aussie Lamb, Alabama BBQ-style

Unless you're really up to speed on your regional BBQ game, or you're from Alabama, you might not know about white BBQ sauce. That's right, BBQ sauce that isn't some version of reddish brown! Our mate Lee Ann Whippen, pit-master extraordinaire and managing partner of Tampa's Deviled Pig restaurant gave us the 411 and one of her go-to recipes for summer grilling with Aussie lamb. 

"White BBQ sauce is an Alabama signature, and you don't typically see it outside of the south. It's mayo-based, with zip and flavor from red wine vinegar and horseradish, along with some creole mustard. Classically it's served with grilled or smoked chicken or pork, but I find it's amazing on Aussie lamb, too!"

Lee Ann shared her award-winning recipe (1st place in the World Food Championships!) for Coffee-rubbed Aussie Lamb Chops, meant to be served with her white BBQ sauce as a condiment. She likes to use dry rubs or marinades when using wood chips for smoke to infuse and amplify the flavors. You can use chops from the rack, or loin chops/t-bones, and any hardwood you prefer, from hickory to cherry. Aussie lamb for the win!

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