Nov 19

A very Aussie Christmas

A very Aussie Christmas

While the northern hemisphere is covered in snow and cooler temperatures, Aussies are out and about in the sunshine during the holidays. From barbecues on the beach to a backyard game of cricket, Christmas is spent outside with family and friends.

 Christmas collage 

  • Australian families spend much of their time outside in December. Christmas activities include swimming,surfing and grilling outdoors on the barbie. It is summer Down Under after all! 
  • Families decorate with their homes and gardens with wreaths, Christmas trees and lights. 
  • Children in Australia get a six-week vacation for the holidays running from mid-December to February. 
  • Some families travel to the beach or to the country and enjoy a picnic for their holiday meal. 
  • On Boxing Day, December 26, people visit their friends for more outdoor grilling and other activities.


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