May 19 -
May 19

Global Culinary Activism Series Part 2 with Nari Safavi and Sean Lemaster

We live in an era that is begging for innovative activism approaches.  Food has always been a bonding agent in the history of humanity and its potential as a conduit for conveying ideas has only come to fore recently.  By combining the experience of travel and learning from chefs who wanted to change the world along recognizing with food’s ability to humanize cultures to one another, you may have a powerful tool for activism at the micro level as well as become a popular figure in your social circles.

Nari Safavi will present stories and dishes from his privilege of “Hang Around Time” with great culinary artists from the Spanish, Italian, and Iranian traditions and contemplate historical scenarios as to how common dishes in these traditions may have traveled from one to the other.

In addition, Home Cook Sean Lemaster, founder of Lemaster Family Kitchen, will discuss his experience working with Chicago chefs and how he developed four international seasonings.  Join us for the dinner event of a 3 part series of exploration of narratives of creativity as we hop around the continents and recipes.

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