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Nov 19

Rock star roots

Rock star roots

The latest rock star in the restaurant world comes from an unlikely source – underground! From ABC Kitchen in New York’s cult favorite Roasted Carrot and Avocado Salad to the Braised Shortrib Meatloaf with Parsnip Mash, Horseradish and Rainbow Root Veggies at Root & Bone in NYC, or Roasted Tokyo Turnips with Chimichurri and Red Wine Vinegar at Gjelina in Venice Beach, CA, roots are hot! It’s part seasonality, part the celebration of humble vegetables that’s so en vogue these days. We love it because there’s a natural connection between our Aussie Beef & Lamb and root vegetables, especially at this time of year.

Here’s what some of our favorite chefs had to say about it, and what dishes they’re working with this holiday season:

Aaron Brooks, Executive Chef, Four Seasons Miamiaaron brooks fire roasted lamb chops

“I love pairing roots with Aussie lamb. When you grill it the slight bitterness from the char balances perfectly with that sweetness.”

Recipe: Fire roasted lamb chops, petite merguez, sweet carrot purée, roasted radishes and spiced pomegranate sauce.

Ellie Campbell, Chef de Cuisine, Commonwealth, Boston
“Aussie lamb works well together with roots because they come from the same place, the ground! Root vegetables and grassfed lamb both have that simple, earthy, natural flavor; you can taste it.”

Recipe: Roasted turnips with Grilled Oranges and Togarashi with duo of Aussie Meat Skewers 

Keith Seeber, Corporate Executive Chef, UFoodGrill

keith grilled ribeye“There’s a reason steak and potatoes is a classic! I love to pair an Aussie grassfed ribeye to play lead guitar – give it a really bold flavor with coffee rub, cumin and other spices, plus the depth of the natural grassfed steak flavor. Then put a parsnip puree underneath it for the rhythm section, supporting those big flavors with something steady that keeps it interesting. That’s the role of the roots.”

Recipe: Coffee-Rubbed Australian Grassfed Ribeye with Bourbon Butter and Parsnip Puree 

Tell us what you’re planning with Aussie Beef & Lamb on your menu this holiday season!

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